Below 20Kgs                                                                             20Kgs or above

PV-α contains Bioactive Collagen, an active ingredient which is proven to promote joint health.

We developed PV-α to help your pets to enjoy an active lifestyle and to keep their joints flexible.

70% of the cartilage substance consists of collagen. Collagen facilitates the joints smoothness and flexibility. Unlike many other products, PV-α is a natural product. It does not contain preservatives and artificial colorings.

When PV-α is consumed, Bioactive Collagen will be absorbed through the intestine during digestion. It will later pass into the bloodstream in the form of large chains of proteins and amino acids. From there, Bioactive Collagen accumulates in highly stressed joints.

Joints serve as shock absorbers. They cannot function properly if cartilages are worn off. The Bioactive Collagen improves your pet’s body absorption and the PV-α stimulates the regeneration of joint cartilage, which leads to stronger joints over time.

It is suggested that your pets should continuously taking PV-α even after their flexibility returns. Chronic joint symptoms (CJS) will likely return if they discontinue the usage.


Function : This product can relieve arthritis, reduce joint pain, stabilize joint structures, soften joints, maintain flexibility, effective conservation joints and prevent joint disease.

The main ingredient : Bioactive Collagen