Product Features :

Extracted from natural plant substances, the use of proprietary bio-fermentation technology and active probiotic symbiotic technology, each capsule containing 0.5 billion active probiotics. Have a good conditioning effect for dogs and cats which have long term stomach problem.

Pharmacological effects :

Probiotics is the normal intestinal beneficial colonies, including bifidobacteria and lactobacillus. Probiotics have helped to normal intestinal peristalsis, so that constipation patients improve constipation, diarrhea patients to reduce the frequency of diarrhea. Additionally, probiotic intestinal epithelial cells can be attached to form a complete wall panel, resist invasion of harmful bacteria and induce immune cell activation, enhance immune function and also digest decomposition of harmful substances, reducing the risk of colorectal cancer, certain special bacteria species can reduce cholesterol levels, and reduce the allergic reaction to the protein.

Role and purpose :

  • Treatment of diarrhea : It can treat of bacterial diarrhea or intestinal disorders caused by constipation, acute and chronic enteritis disease. It can improve the stomach, bowel function, and protect the gastrointestinal mucosa.
  • Adjusting the digestive function : It promotes animal digestion and absorption of food. It inhibits the growth of spoilage bacteria, improve pet indigestion, loss of appetite, eliminate fecal stench symptoms.
  • Regulation of the immune and stress : It increases immunoglobulin concentrations and activates the body's immune function, improve the animal 's resistance to the virus and anti-stress.
  • Adjusting the balance of intestinal flora : It adjusts the intestinal flora balance and maintains the desirable normal flora; control pathogenic bacterial infection and  avoids morbid reactions.

  • Providing nutrition for absorption : It can produce beneficial bacteria in a variety of digestive enzymes, beneficial to
     animal digestion and absorption of food. It also improves calcium, phosphorus, iron
  •  utilization, promote the absorption of vitamin D and B vitamins.


Containing probiotics 0.5 billion units / gram